Privacy policy and Safeguarding

Data Protection

The only form of personal data held by Sussex Traditions would be an email address and username, submitted by project contributors and participants, for general correspondence relating to the charity’s activities.

Where an individual is connected to another organisation with which Sussex Traditions has business (e.g. a museum, library, university) or is a participant integral to a project team, a phone number and/or postal address is sometimes required. In some cases those will be work numbers, or possibly a volunteer’s home office or mobile number.

The charity takes seriously the issues of safeguarding and data protection. Any such information is held under password protection, accessible only to registered members of the charity’s office.

Contact details of contributors and project participants are used to provide occasional updates on the charity’s activities and to send information on forthcoming events.

Every communication will offer the addressee the opportunity to unsubscribe and hence receive no further correspondence. In such an event that individual’s record entry in the mailing list will be deleted.

For the purpose of newsletters and announcements we do sometimes use basic email distribution technology (e.g. MailChimp).

It will be the charity’s routine procedure to send at least one newsletter a year reminding addressees on the mailing list of its purpose, the privacy policy, and their right to unsubscribe at any time.

Statistics of website visits can be monitored via Google analytics but this data is anonymised and contains no personal information.

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Sussex Traditions does not share its subscriber information with anyone.

Sussex Traditions will endeavour to ensure that the charity, its friends and supporters, in their dealings with Sussex Traditions, can be protected from abuse, bullying or vandalism.

In extreme circumstances, in the interests of safeguarding supporters and protecting the charity’s reputation, Sussex Traditions may have to suspend or ultimately cancel the supporter membership of an individual who acts in a way that could bring the charity into disrepute or to be in breach of the terms of its charitable status. Such a matter would be dealt with, formally and in confidence, by charity officers, a final decision resting with the Chairman and Trustees.