November, 2017

The Two Bobs’ Worth

Bob Lewis and Bob Copper New from Musical Traditions - MTCD374 “This is an absolutely splendid record” writes Rod Stradling. The two Bobs were recorded at Nellie's folk club in Tonbridge, back in 1999, where they were performing together as The Two Bobs' Worth - an almost unique event. They were recorded by Andrew King, who's said "If you think the recordings are of good enough quality I would be delighted and honoured if you wanted to issue them." Well, the recordings are excellent, and the singing is just glorious! The track list is as follows: A Fair Maid Walking; The Honest Labourer; Good Morrow Mistress [read more]

The Sussex Year

Sussex Tradition’s next project. Sussex Traditions will build on what was achieved in its Foundation Project by populating all the Sussex Topics  --cultural heritage in Sports and Games, Food and Drink, Crafts, etc. -- expanding the database and providing an informative 'calendar view' of The Sussex Year. A series of education events and networking activities will be based around this. Seasonal presentations will draw upon the archive and invite fresh interpretations - you, your friends, your class at school, your family members, can contribute and help us ensure featured subjects are attractive, lively and relevant. The aim is to build and strengthen the charity’s [read more]