September, 2020

Songs Added to Database – Gordon Hall

Gordon Hall at the Ram, Firle in 1990Photo - Vic Smith Sometime around 1990, the late Gordon Hall set himself the task of recording himself a great mass of his songs on five tapes and he gave them the title "Warts & Hall". 89 of these have now been made available on the Sussex Traditions database. The songs are: - 01 Sweet Primeroses 02 It's Of A Pretty Wench 03 Jolly Waggoner04 Drummer And Cook 05 Boney Was A Warrior 06 Maid Of Rye07 Some Say 08 The Spinning Wheel 09 Bonny Labouring Boy10 County Cavan 11 The Seeds Of Love 12 Jan [read more]

Songs added to Database – Bob Lewis

Bob Lewis singing at the Lewes Saturday Folk Club Photo - Vic Smith When Bob Lewis recorded his fine album. "The Painful Plough" in 2003, seventeen songs were chosen, but there were many other examples of Bob's fine singing that Peter Collins recorded but were not included on the CD. Bob and Peter have given their permission for these 22 tracks to be included here. The songs are:-01 Capital Ship 02 The Cobbler 03 Come All Ye Worthy Christians04 The Crocodile 05 Jim The Carter's Lad 06 Noble Lord 07 Poor Old Horse 08 The Shooting Gallery 09 Three Jolly Huntsmen 10 [read more]

Songs added to Database – The Young Coppers

Andy Barratt, Tom Copper, Mark Barratt, Sean Barratt, Lucy Copper, Ben Copper. Photo - Vic Smith The Young Coppers are the six grandchildren of Bob Copper. They are Ben, Lucy and Tom who are John Copper's children and Mark, Andy and Sean who are the sons of Jill Copper. The 16 songs that have been added were recorded at the folk club at the Royal Oak in Lewes on 5th July 2007. The songs are:-1] Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy 2] Banks of Sweet Primeroses 3] Brisk and Bonny Lad 4] By The Green Grove 5] Charming Molly 6] Claudy Banks 7] [read more]