About us

About us

20161023_144451Sussex Traditions is a new Charitable Trust whose aims and purposes are for “the advancement of the arts, culture and heritage and of education, to collect, conserve and make accessible, and to promote and support the understanding, enjoyment and continuation of, Sussex traditions”.

Sussex Traditions will connect our communities to their past, provide them with a fascinating learning resource, and encourage them to develop, nourish and sustain the culture of Sussex and its people into the future.

Learn more about the Sussex Traditions approach in Steve Roud’s ‘Who Cares About Tradition?’

Currently the charity’s trustees, advisory board and executive are as follows:

Honorary Patrons     Shirley Collins     Jacqueline Simpson

Mike Tristram    (Chair)
Steve Roud          (Vice Chair)
Tony Elphick      (Treasurer)
Steve Matcham  (Secretary)
Jon Dudley
Bob Lewis
John Copper
Shirley Collins
Jacqueline Simpson
Jill Copper
Ben Copper
Valmai Goodyear   Lizzie Bennett   Vic Smith

Advisory Board
Malcolm Taylor        Sean Goddard
Lizzie Bennett           Bryan Creer
Dave Arthur              Will Duke
Matt Quinn               Chris Hare
Stuart Walker           Jim Ward

Laura Hockenhull           Communications & Events
Vic Smith                          Website Content
Tina Smith                        Transcriptions
Mark Broad                      Projects
Anita Broad                      Projects