School workshops Our current proposal is for an experienced folk music animateur to work for a day with a year-six or upper KS2 group and top that off with a sharing performance with the whole school. Lesson plans and information pack will be based on content from Sussex Traditions (songs and tunes but probably some dances and stories as well), nurturing local identity and shared traditions.

Our Practitioners

Gail Duff and Bing Lyle have been working together in schools since 1990. They first came together when Gail took over the Wealden Folk Project, working within the boundaries of the Wealden District of East Sussex.

Bing had already worked with Shirley Collins on the same project. Gail formed TRADS (Traditional Arts Development Southeast) in 1993 and their work expanded into West Sussex and Kent. Since then they have also worked together regularly at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. Gail and Bing have always focused on using locally collected material, be it songs, dance tunes and dances, traditional drama or local folk customs.

Sussex Traditions delivers its first schools workshop

An example KS2 workshop and teachers’ pack – this one based on work at All Saints, Bexhill – can be downloaded here: