• To edit or add a project go to Projects in the left hand WordPress menu

    Top level collection/project page:

  • If it’s a┬átop level collection page you do not need to change anything in the attributes box on the right – it should say ‘no parent’:

    Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.55.21

  • On the left hand side of the screen enter the name of the collection into the title field
  • Underneath this you can add the header image to use for this collection – ideally this needs to be no less than 2000px on the shortest size as it will fill a large space. You may need to experiment until you find an image that works well in the space. bear in mind that the image will look different (depending on how much is shown) on different devices.
  • The first editing box is to write a summary about the songs in this collection. The songs themselves will feed through automatically from the data. The user will see these when they click ‘see all songs’
  • Under ‘Name field in record’ enter the name associated with the collection as surname, firstname
  • You can then enter content for the tabs that appear on the page i.e. the coloured blocks:

    Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.49.34

  • These can be anything you want e.g. About the collection, About a particular person, About the project etc..
  • Add a title and an image that will appear on the left
  • If your content is more than the space on this tab allows then you can link to a deeper page where you can have a page of info.
  • Create the link by typing the call to action e.g. ‘More about the Collection’ note – this should be the same text as the page you have created, highlight the text and click the chain symbol (see more on links in the Links section)
  • Link to the deeper page you have created – note that you need to create the deeper level page before you can link to it.

    Deeper level sub/child page:

  • If you have more content or images you wish to add about a collection or project create a new page in the same way as before by clicking ‘Add new’ under Projects.
  • This time on the right hand side Attributes panel select the top level or ‘parent’ page that this page belongs to, this will usually be the name of the collection or project:

    Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.59.59

  • In the title field enter the name of the page. Note – this should be the same text as the link from the previous page
  • Enter the header image – it is probably best to choose the same image as you have done for the parent page for consistency, although you don’t have to.
  • For this type of page you will not need to add anything under the tab info, just use the first editor box and enter text and images in the ‘magazine’ style layout, see ‘Editing pages’
  • Go back to the parent page and set up the link to this deeper level page