Lewes Folk Festival

In all the hubbub and excitement of this year’s Lewes Folk Festival, Vic and Tina Smith gave a presentation on Sussex Traditions and the work that’s going-on, developing the charity’s database of information on the county’s cultural heritage. The Foundation Project (2016-17) focused primarily on traditional song.

Vic and Tina demonstrated how to use the website’s facilities to search and explore, relating some inspiring stories of old songs rediscovered and how half-forgotten recorded treasures have been turning-up, as a result of people hearing about the project. Mark Broad was there to say a few words about how the charity became established and what’s being planned for the next stage, in which all the various ‘Sussex topics’ will be developed within a calendar framework to portray ‘The Sussex Year’.

Following the presentation volunteers came forward to offer their assistance to the transcribers team, which is coordinated by Tina.

Sussex Traditions is very grateful to all our volunteers, but this is a good opportunity to note especially huge thanks to Vic and Tina for the work they’re doing.