Brian Matthews Collection

Brian Matthews Collection

About Brian Matthews

Born in Brighton in 1937, Brian has lived in Sussex all his life and has worked mostly as a bookbinder and book-restorer. He first became interested in folk music in the 1950s, but in reaction against the heavy American influence on the early Revival and the skiffle movement, he decided to seek out local performers and to record them on his new tape recorder. He soon met, among others, the singer George Spicer, who told him about the gatherings at the Cherry Tree, where he encountered other enthusiasts such as Ken Stubbs and Reg Hall.

For the last 40 years, Brian and his wife Audrey have travelled around the country to fairs and fetes and other gatherings exhibiting their wonderful ‘Mouse Town’ which they made themselves and never fails to draw enthusiastic reviews from those who see it.

About the collection

Brian recorded singers from elsewhere, but the main part of his collection was made in Sussex, and we have just over 200 of his tracks in our database. Thanks to him and Audrey for permission to make them available, and to Paul Marsh for digitising and mastering the tapes.