Discover The Copper Family Collection

These are a selection of excerpts from interviews with Jon Dudley, Jill Copper and John Copper. Recorded in 2010 by Laura Hockenhull. The family members viewed items from the Copper Family Collection held by the University of Sussex. The family members reminisced, giving a rich account of their Father, Bob Copper and highlighting the significance of this collection.

1.a. Jon Dudley on Bob Copper’s letter writing 00:00 – 01:41

1.b. Jill Dudley (nee. Copper) and Jon Copper reminisce about Bob’s love of poetry and nature 01.41 – 05.16

2. Jon Dudley on Bob Copper’s folk song collecting.

3. Jon Dudley talks about the significance of The Copper Family Archive.

4. Jon Dudley on Downhill all the Way – about the unpublished manuscript (now published as A man of no consequence).

5.  John Copper & Jill Dudley (nee. Copper) discussing items from the collection

Visit Special Collections – Copper Family for further information about the records now held at The Keep

Photographs of the interviews (John Copper, Jill Dudley & Jon Dudley) and of the archive material (letters, photographs & articles)