Harry Mousdell


Harry Mousdell’s life long interest in folk music covered a wide range of activities. He was singer, morris dancer, folk club and festival organiser and supporter, story teller, dance caller, mummer and story teller. He also became one of the band of revivalists that would drive some of the old singers to the various country pubs where their presence and singing was welcome. As a young man he first saw Morris Dancing at an International Youth Rally in Austria and vowed to join a side. His move to Horsham in the 1950s afforded opportunities to become more involved. He was involved in the Horsham Songswappers from the start and he joined the Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men in 1963. In 1972 he left that side to form a new side in his home town and he was one of the trio that met Captain Broadwood at Lyne House to get his permission to use the family name and the family crest for the Baldric badge. Very early in their existence, the Broadwood Men on their second Boxing day, went up to Rusper, where they danced and performed the Mummers Play, possibly in the same location where Lucy Broadwood had seen it a century before.

Harry died in September 2012

(Vic Smith 2016)
Some of the information in this profile was gained from the article by Keith Haynes on the Broadwood Morris for The Horsham Society.


God bless the mistress of this house

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