Songs added to Database – Bob Lewis

Bob Lewis singing at the Lewes Saturday Folk Club
Photo – Vic Smith

When Bob Lewis recorded his fine album. “The Painful Plough” in 2003, seventeen songs were chosen, but there were many other examples of Bob’s fine singing that Peter Collins recorded but were not included on the CD. Bob and Peter have given their permission for these 22 tracks to be included here.

The songs are:-
01 Capital Ship 02 The Cobbler 03 Come All Ye Worthy Christians
04 The Crocodile 05 Jim The Carter’s Lad 06 Noble Lord 07 Poor Old Horse 08 The Shooting Gallery 09 Three Jolly Huntsmen 10 The Volunteer Organist 11] Young & Single Sailor 12 Three Jolly Huntsmen 13] Strolling Round The Town 14] Bold Reynolds 15] All Jolly Fellows 16] The Gypsy’s Warning 17] Bailiff’s Daughter of Islington 18] Richard of Taunton Deane 19] Sprig of Thyme 20] Sweet Lemany 21] Threshing Machine 22] Twelth Night Carol