Food & Drink

With a county as bountiful in its natural resources it is no wonder that Sussex should have had a deep mine of food and beverage traditions. Our brewing, cider making, baking and cheese making heritage extended back through the generations as it does in many counties. Our farming heritage can be traced back through time immemorial, providing the county with Sussex Cattle and the Southdown Sheep amongst other notable produce. But like the rest of the British Isles, the tumult of change starting with the industrial revolution and carrying on through to the Second World War and beyond have left many of the traditional methods of production and the householders recipes for utilising them, either lost or discarded.

A resurgence of interest in local produce and recipes in recent years has sought to arrest the losses and has seen a reawakening in many dormant areas of traditional food crafts. From brewing to baking, cider to cheese, the people of Sussex are rediscovering the local food and drink heritage. We have an ever-growing knowledge of the treasure trove of recipes, techniques, products and producers from our past and present. Long may it continue to prosper!