The Two Bobs’ Worth

Bob Lewis and Bob Copper

New from Musical Traditions – MTCD374

“This is an absolutely splendid record” writes Rod Stradling.

The two Bobs were recorded at Nellie’s folk club in Tonbridge, back in 1999, where they were performing together as The Two Bobs’ Worth – an almost unique event.

They were recorded by Andrew King, who’s said “If you think the recordings are of good enough quality I would be delighted and honoured if you wanted to issue them.” Well, the recordings are excellent, and the singing is just glorious!

The track list is as follows:
A Fair Maid Walking; The Honest Labourer; Good Morrow Mistress Bright; You Seamen Bold; We Shepherds are the Bravest Boys; The Streams of Lovely Nancy; The Pretty Ploughboy; George Collins; A Sweet Country Life; The Banks of Sweet Primroses; The Cobbler; The Bold Princess Royal; My Boy Willie; While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping; Three Crows / Blackbirds; The Threshing Song; Spencer the Rover; Thousands or More; Oh Good Ale; John Barleycorn

These were sung by Bob Lewis first, alternating with Bob Copper, and are presented in the order they occurred in performance. With no songs missed out and some inter-song comments included we end up with a duration of 79 minutes and 46 seconds – only 14 seconds short of a completely full CD! This is an absolutely splendid record; Bob Copper accompanies himself on concertina for most of his songs, and I have never heard Bob Lewis in better voice.

MT Records’ 10% Sales Royalties will go to support the Sussex Traditions charity.

Now available from the MT Records’ website, price £12.00.